Artist Statement

My work aims to express and question the visual communication of the millennials, and to evoke to think what is the imagery of this era. I blend together popular culture (from the 90’s to this day), internet meme’s, bootleg products and “normal” everyday scenes, to create playful visual cacophony -snapshots.

My latest discovery was to use digital material on canvas by image transfer -technique. This enabled me to utilize my 3D-modelings, digital drawings and photo manipulation with traditional oil and acrylic painting.  


Einari Hyvönen (b. 1989, Salo) is a figurative painter based in Finland. He began his fine art studies in 2006 at the Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design, majoring in printmaking. After graduating (2010) he continued his practice as a painter and as a studio assistant for the Finnish artist Jaakko Mattila. In 2014 Hyvönen spent a semester in Liminka School of Art studying advanced painting techniques. In 2015 he initiated his studies at Kankaanpää School of Fine Arts, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. In January 2018 Hyvönen finished an exchange programme at The University of Hertfordshire, BA (Hons) Fine Arts, United Kingdom. Hyvönen will graduate in the spring 2019.

Hyvönen has had several solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. To mention some highlights, in 2018 he was invited to XXIII Mänttä Art Festival. In 2017 he had a solo exhibition in ARTag Gallery in Helsinki, from where Tampere Art Museum acquired an artwork for their collection. In 2016 He was invited to Finlayson Art Area in Tampere, and to Northern Finland Biennial, The Snowball Effect 3 at Aine and Kemi Art Museums. In 2018 Hyvönen was given a four-month working grant and a project grant from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.