Einari Hyvönen (b. 1989) crafts post-digital paintings that blend light, cheerful visuals with poignant themes, using tragicomic humour to navigate challenging subjects like relationship endings, loss of a loved one, and environmental crises. Hyvönen aims to help viewers confront these issues through laughter, emphasising shared human experiences.

Infusing his art with elements from popular culture, he broadens its accessibility to diverse audiences. Employing a purposeful blend of nostalgic digital images crafted through 3D modeling and traditional painting techniques, he forges a distinctive, off-kilter atmosphere.

Based in Helsinki, Hyvönen earned his Master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, in 2021. His work has been featured in solo and collective exhibitions across Finland and Europe, with pieces in collections such as the Finnish State, Kiasma, Oulu, and Tampere Art Museums.